We create info visualizations that:

  • draw attention to your message

  • engage your audience

  • are effectively easy to order

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1. Visual info is processed faster
Images are ‘read’ and understood much faster than text and data tables. When info is provided visually, the brain doesn’t need to work so hard to notice f.e. relations, key points or up- or downward trends.
An infographic is a large set of info around one subject, presented as a visual story. They are particularly suitable for online use on social media or websites, where attention spans of viewers are relatively short.
Visual Info Factory - when to visit Finnish Lapland according to graphs of weather and northern lights
2. Visual info draws attention

If you have a message to tell, then you want people to get it. Info visualization is a way to attract attention, because colorful icons and clear graphs speak louder than plain text.
In information-rich environments, this can mean all the difference to reach your audience.

3. Visual info motivates to act
As we have more data and information in our hands than ever before, it isn’t easy to know which information is relevant.
A good visualization helps remove the noise to paint a clear story of what is important. It is especially effective when the goal is to motivate people to change their behaviour.