Request a visualization

Currently we are testing our online request services with selected companies / organizations in health (tech) and tourism. If you are interested to join our test group, please contact us at
Did you get an invitation, then choose one of the options below and let’s get started!

Visual Info Factory Image icon


An image file with one subject or message.

For example:

  • graph / diagram
  • event header
  • announcement

Costs indication:
1 – 3 hours *
From 70 €

Visual Info Factory Page icon


A PDF or other one page document around one topic.

For example:

  • info flyer
  • poster
  • infographic

Costs indication:
2 – 5 hours *
From 140 €

Visual Info Factory Booklet icon


A multi paged document. It can cover more than 1 topic.

For example:

  • annual report
  • visitor guide
  • health booklet

Costs indication:
starting from 4 hours *
From 280 €

* Our hourly tariff is 70 € ex VAT.
Please note: the hours are an indication. Factors that determine how many hours it will take us are for example:

  • have we designed for you before in the same style?
  • how detailed is the visualization?

We will send you a definite price calculation for you to approve after you have sent us the request.